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Learning Environments created by the students, the parents and an Atelierista.

People learn best when they feel comfortable, engaged and meditative. 2.They learn best when they are valued, praised and encouraged to learn and understand who they are. When the learning journey is exciting, fun challenging and solvable. When the people around are patient, serious, fun, knowledgeable and open to multi perspectives. When learning starts where the student’s knowledge is and expands in many directions connecting many different areas. When different modes of learning are welcome and encouraged. When possibilities are real, and life has a meaning. Where sharing knowledge, a helping hand and a shoulder create ties. 2. Then, imagine: What is the physical or digital space where you would lead this type of learning?  A place designed by the students, discussed with experts, re-discussed, conceptualized and created so that it can change and adapt to further necessities and possibilities. Having ownership creates a sense of responsibility and respect towards the spaces and a deep…

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